Here is a list of DGWW events, with future events are at the top, followed by past events (in reverse chronological order).

Upcoming Events

August 17, 2019: Kazoo Making at Ten Thousand Villages State College

DGWW is proud to announce this event in conjunction with Ten Thousand Villages, a “new friend,” we met through Penn State’s Intergenerational Leadership Institute. Ten Thousand Villages is a nonprofit organization and retail store on South Atherton Street that carries handcrafted and fairly-traded jewelry, clothing, household decor, kitchen accessories, food (chocolate, coffee, tea, soup mixes, etc.), gifts for children and pets, spa items, greeting cards, and more. All Ten Thousand Villages products are made by over 20,000 makers in 30 developing countries under a maker-centered business model. Ethical at every step, we ensure fair prices, long-term partnerships, good working conditions, design collaboration, eco-conscious commitments, and empowered voices of women & people who are often overlooked.

The event will be held outside the store on at 1341 S Atherton St, on August 17, from 10:00 to 2:00, and will culminate with a “play-along” musical event during which kazoo makers will play their new kazoos and others will join them using instruments the store carries that were made in other countries. Staff from ten Thousand Villages will plan and coordinate the play along activity. We’re looking forward to it. Hope to see you there!

Past Events

July 9, 2019: Big Brother Big Sister Kazoo Making in the Park

While participating in the Penn State Intergenerational Leadership Institute and the Intergenerational Friends Fair, we met and quickly formed a relationship with Big Brother Big Sister of Centre County. At the Friends Fair our friends from Big Brother Big Sister had a chance to see our kazoo making event in action, and they invited us to join them on July 9th from 1:00 to 4:00 in Spring Creek Park to host a similar event.

John, Glenn, and Kyle volunteered to supervise the event and we were pleased to draft Eric Spielvogel as a first-time mentor for this activity. It was a great setting, with Spring Creek running in the background, and we were able to work more closely with a smaller group of about 15 people, about 80% on whom were female. Thanks to our new friends at Big Brother Big Sister and to our DGWW Staff as well, for another fun, worthwhile event.

Also, at the request of Big Brother Big Sister Case Manager Zach Maser, DGWW built and donated a corn hole set with the Big Brother Big Sister logo prominently on the front and our Doing Good with Wood logo on the top.  Zach and the other case managers will use the set at BBBS events and when recruiting Penn State students as “Bigs.”

June 1, 2019: The Intergenerational Friends Fair

DGWW had another big success at the intergenerational Friends Fair at the State College Friends School on June 1.  Sine we did have electricity at this location, we brought the drill presses and sanders, allowing more people to experience working with these tools. We ran one long continuous workshop from 10:00 am to 3:15 pm, and after a brief lull at the very beginning, our mobile workshop was constantly busy with happy people ranging in age from about 5 to about 70 making kazoos.  We were so busy that we didn’t get many photos, but perhaps we’ll get more from the others who attended of the event. Overall, participants made about 50 kazoos.

DGWW also featured prominently at the closing ceremony, at which Eric Ian Farmer led the audience of about 45 people through a series of songs spanning the generations (The Wheels on the Bus, Lean On Me, and Lovely Day) accompanied by audience members on kazoos. (Audience members who had not made kazoos were given plastic kazoos.) Kyle presented the event organizers, Matt Kaplan and Lori Paccioli, and the Head of School, Donan Stoicovy, with oak kazoos in gift boxes as a thank you gift from DGWW.

DGWW received a very nice thank you email from Matt Kaplan (PSU event organizer).

May 18, 2019: “J.A.M. Fest

Doing Good with Wood was invited to participate in “Jana’s Art & Music Festival,” also known as “J.A.M. Fest.” According to the Jana Marie Foundation, this event is “a community-wide mental wellness day designed to help increase well-being, build connections, and foster self-expression. Held annually in downtown State College, the event features live music, yoga, meditation, stations for creative expression, artwork to view, and more,” including, for the first time this year, a hands-on activity by Doing Good with Wood.

We ran a wooden kazoo making event designed to fit people of almost all ages, by providing pre-cut parts, glue sandpaper, and advice.

We are very pleased to have been invited to support JAM Fest because, as the Jana Marie Foundation says, “art, music, and creative expression are lifelong sources of resilience, self-confidence, and happiness.” We had a great time, and so did about 80 kazoo makers! Thanks to Glenn Johnson, John Seymour, and Kyle Peck for serving as on-site mentors, and to Kathy Seymour for making a great sign for us, and to Glenn for making the easel that supported our new sign.

April 1, 2019: Make a Wooden Kazoo

Thanks to “The Rivet,” State College, PA’s new maker space for hosting this super fun, inter-generational event. Twenty-seven people came, watched an 11 minute video, and then built their own beautiful wooden kazoos. After about 60 to 90 minutes, each kazoo was assembled, crafted, tested and finished, and a variety of tunes were proudly broadcast across the room, in a fun environment enhanced by complementary beverages provided by Otto’s Pub and Brewery. DGWW provided the materials and most of the tools, as well as instructional materials, and the Rivet provided the space, some tools, safety equipment, and a great set of assistants to help with setup, coaching, and cleanup. We believe that all involved had fun, developed a few basic woodworking skills, and saw how woodworking can be an interesting hobby and an opportunity to meet new people. Here are a few photos from the event. If you have more, please send them to us using the “Contact Us” page or as email attachments to