Our Brief History

This idea emerged in the summer of 2017, as some of us were about to retire.  In the months that followed retirement, we created Doing Good with Wood, Inc on June 1, 2018, and then received official 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, and a designation as a "public charity."  This enables us to solicit donations from corporations, philanthropic institutions, and individuals to support our work.  In September of 2018 we expanded our Board of Directors, and in the Fall of 2018 we began our work with learners.

We are now just about as busy as we like to be, but we look forward to adding new projects as we complete current projects.

•  For a list of our projects, see our "Projects and Events" page.

•  For a list of the nonprofit organizations we have served, see our "Service to the Community" page.

We've got a lot to do, but we are excited and are on our way!

Meet the DGWW Founders, Officers, and Board

DGWW was created by a pair of educators with a passion for woodworking.  Our two co-founders, who you will meet below created DGWW after retiring from careers in education, and are now dedicated to the success of Doing Good with Wood.

Photo of Kyle with big white beard

Kyle Peck


Secretary / Treasurer

Chair, Board of Directors

Dr. Kyle L. Peck recently retired from Penn State University, where he holds the rank of Professor Emeritus, and is involved in a few studies and projects related to  personalized online learning, competency-based education, and digital micro-credentials (digital badges). Kyle was also Co-Founder of the innovative "Centre Learning Community Charter School," served as Principal Investigator for the NASA Aerospace Education Services Project, and served as Associate Dean for Research, Outreach, and Technology, Head of the Learning and Performance Systems Department, and Professor in Charge of the Instructional Systems Program while at Penn State.  Before coming to Penn State, he taught middle school for seven years in Pasadena, California and in Leadville, Colorado.

Kyle is a hobbyist woodworker and has made sixteen pieces of furniture used in his home, as well as several large outdoor woodworking projects including a pergola, a garden enclosure, and a stage for outdoor concerts.

John Seymour

John Seymour



Prior to his retirement form Cambria Heights School District, John Seymour served as Assistant Superintendent.  Before becoming Assistant Superintendent, he served as the district's Middle School Principal, supervising thirty-five professional and support staff, and serving as Strategic Planning Coordinator. Particular professional areas of interest were the application of computer systems for administrative and instructional uses, web page development, and curriculum development specifically aimed at the integration of content areas.  John and Kyle worked together on innovative projects including John's work as a "Lab Extension Specialist" with the Regional Educational Lab for the Mid-Atlantic Region.  During his five years in that role, John solicited information from educators about their priorities and research needs, conveyed research results and assisted in educational research being conducted in the region.

John has made many pieces of furniture in his home.

Our Mentors and Directors

At the heart of our organization are the Mentors who share their time, knowledge and talents.  At this time, we have a small set of mentors that includes our co-founders and the Directors on our Board of Directors you can read about by clicking the link below.

Meet our Board of Directors