Doing Good with Wood issues “Digital Badges” to recognize DGWW members as they develop knowledge and skills, and as they contribute to the DGWW community.

Our badges are organized into four categories:

  1. Tool Badges, including a general Power Tool Safety Badge, and a series of Tool Information Badges, Tool Safety Badges, and Tool User Badges, for a variety of power tools and bladed tools.
  2. Ability Badges that document what DGWW Participants can do.  These include badges on Project Design, 3-D Modeling,  Measurement, Joining, and Finishing.
  3. Achievement Badges represent increasing levels of knowledge, skill, and experience.  They include a series of “Project Badges” that are awarded when someone completes a high-quality project and documents it on the DGWW website, “Level Badges” awarded when a certain number of tool and ability badges have been earned and a certain numbers of projects have been  completed, and Milestone Badges, awarded when participants accept roles that involve Teaching and Mentoring.

To learn more about any badge category, click its name in the list above, or read on to view a complete listing of currently available badges.

Complete List
Currently Available DGWW Badges

Tool Badges

Power Tool Safety Badge

This badge will help you understand the general rules that apply to many power tools and will help you develop habits that will significantly reduce the probability of accidents. (#allfingersmatter)

Table Saw Badges

Table Saw Information

This badge is earned by learning ABOUT table saws.  This badge must be earned before earning the Table Saw Safety badge and the Table Saw User Badge.

Table Saw Safety

This badge is to be earned after earning the Table Saw Info badge, to ensure that everyone in DGWW understands the great danger that Table Saws pose and how to avoid table saw accidents.

Table Saw User

This badge is earned after earning the Table Saw Information badge and the Table Saw Safety badge, and after earning three project badges that required the use of the table saw. This badge demonstrates that you know about the table saw and about how to use it safely, and verifies that you actually have experience using it safely.

Project Badges

Project 1

"Project Badges" are awarded each time a DGWW member completes a project deemed worthy by a Mentor, following documentation of the project via a blog post in the DGWW blog. This Project 1 Badge is awarded upon completion of the first approved project.

Project 2

The Project 2 Badge can only be earned after a DGWW Member has earned The Project 1 badge.  The process is the same.

Project 3

The Project 3 Badge can only be earned after a DGWW Member has earned The Project 2 badge.  The process is the same.

Level Badges

Level 1

To earn the DGWW Level 1 Badge, a member must earn three Project Badges, and at least two Tool User Badges.

2 Required Steps

  • Earn two Tool User Badges
  • Earn Three Project Badges

Level 2

The Level Two DGWW Member has accumulated the knowledge and skills associated with using at least four different power tools safely and effectively, and has earned at least five woodworking Project Badges.  The holder of this badge has skills and knows how to use them!

2 Required Steps

  • Earn 5 Project Badges
  • Earn 4 Tool User Badges

Level 3

The Level Three Badge shows that a DGWW Member has earned at least six different Tool User Badges and has used that knowledge and the associated skills to complete at least seven different woodworking projects. Impressive!

2 Required Steps

  • Earn 6 Tool User Badges
  • Earn 7 Project Badges

DGWW Master

The "DGWW Master" is an accomplished woodworker, having completed at least ten high-quality projects and demonstrating the ability to use at least eight different power tools efficiently and safely.  The DGWW Master is a trusted co-worker who is able to move through the workshop with minimal supervision.

2 Required Steps

  • Earn at least 8 Tool User Badges
  • Earn at least 10 Project Badges

Milestone Badges

The Wow Badge


The DGWW Wow badge can be awarded by any DGWW member to any other who makes a VERY good impression.  This can be awarded for being extraordinarily helpful, for being extraordinarily creative, or for any other extraordinary act.