This page is intended to serve as a gallery of Project Ideas, organized by category.  Initial categories are:




Chairs and Stools



A small wall mounted rectangular box supporting three rectangular shelves. The box also has a lamp built into it.
Triptych Smart Bedside Table

This shelf looks pretty cool and simple to make.  The rectangular box that supports the shelves has a light inside, and I saw some references to it on the Internet that referred to a a charging station for phones and mentioned about being able to plug in electric devices without all the cords hanging down.  It also says that the shelves are interchangeable and shows a model with round shelves.  To see this and more cool shelf ideas, click THIS LINK. 



Make a Wooden Kazoo

Doing Good with Wood has developed a detailed set of instructions on How to Make a Wooden Kazoo.”  We suggest that you try that way first.  Other ideas are presented below.

The video above by “A Cut Above Woodworking: shows one way to make a kazoo, and it includes a pretty complete set of directions.

Below are a couple of other videos about how to make wooden kazoos. I have watched them all but them made my own in several styles.