Doing Good with Wood issues “Digital Badges” to recognize DGWW members as they develop knowledge and skills, and as they contribute to the DGWW community.

Our badges are organized into four categories:

  1. Tool Badges, including a general Power Tool Safety Badge, and a series of Tool Information Badges, Tool Safety Badges, and Tool User Badges, for a variety of power tools and bladed tools.
  2. Ability Badges that document what DGWW Participants can do.  These include badges on Project Design, 3-D Modeling,  Measurement, Joining, and Finishing.
  3. Achievement Badges represent increasing levels of knowledge, skill, and experience.  They include a series of “Project Badges” that are awarded when someone completes a high-quality project and documents it on the DGWW website, “Level Badges” awarded when a certain number of tool and ability badges have been earned and a certain numbers of projects have been  completed, and Milestone Badges, awarded when participants accept roles that involve Teaching and Mentoring.

To learn more about any badge category, click its name in the list above, or read on to view a complete listing of currently available badges.

Complete List
Currently Available DGWW Badges

Tool Badges

[badgeos_achievement id=”478″]

Table Saw Badges

[badgeos_achievement id=”464″]

[badgeos_achievement id=”455″]

[badgeos_achievement id=”459″]

Project Badges

[badgeos_achievement id=”656″]

[badgeos_achievement id=”746″]

[badgeos_achievement id=”747″]

Level Badges

[badgeos_achievement id=”480″]

[badgeos_achievement id=”486″]

[badgeos_achievement id=”489″]

[badgeos_achievement id=”492″]

Milestone Badges

[badgeos_achievements_list type=”milestone-badges” limit=”100″ show_filter=”false” show_search=”false” orderby=”menu_order” order=”ASC” wpms=”false”]

The Wow Badge

[badgeos_achievement id=”924″]