Power tools are awesome.  They are powerful and efficient.  But there is a lot to know before you can use tools safely and well.  Because we value safety in DGWW, we offer:

  • A general Power Tool Safety Badge to get you started, covering rules of safe use that are common to many tools and that will help you work safely in wood shop, and
  • Three categories of tool-related badges, for many different types of tools:
    • Tool Information Badges, that show you have learned about a tool.
    • Tool Safety Badges, that show you have learned what you need to know to be safe when using the tool, and
    • Tool User badges, that are awarded after using a tool safely in three projects.

Before you are authorized to use a tool, you must earn the information badge and the safety badge associated with that tool.

The tool-related badges are accessed from a series of pages listed below.  

Click on an option below to learn more or to begin earning a badge.

Mitre Saw Badges

  • Mitre Saw Information Badge
  • Mitre Saw Safety Badge
  • Mitre Saw User Badge
  • Band Saw Badges

    • Band Saw Information Badge
    • Band Saw Safety Badge
    • Band Saw User Badge
  • Circular Saw Badges

    • Circular Saw Information Badge
    • Circular Saw Safety Badge
    • Circular Saw User Badge
  • Hand Saw Badges

    • Hand Saw Information Badge
    • Hand Saw Safety Badge
    • Hand Saw User Badge
  • Jig Saw Badges

    • Jig Saw Information Badge
    • Jig Saw Safety Badge
    • Jig Saw User Badge

  • Router Badges

  • Planer Badges

  • Jointer Badges

  • Clamp Badges

  • Measurement Badges

  • Finishing Badges

  • Connecting Badges


Other Badges

All of our “Tools Badges” are linked above.

Use the links below to get to our:

  •  Project Badges
  • Level Badges
  • Related Skill Badges (like Design, Entrepreneurship, and 3-D Modeling.