Meet Our (Potential) Sponsors

As a non-profit organization trying to keep participation free or very low cost for our Makers, our relationships with sponsors are very important.  At this time (Spring of 2018) we don’t have any sponsors, but after we get this website going and have a few active mentors and makers we’ll approach organizations we feel will be supportive of our efforts.  These will include national chains as well as local stores, companies, and organizations that might contribute to local groups.  From these organizations we would be looking for donations of or discounts on tools and/or materials.  For example local furniture makers or chain stores might donate scraps that are too small for their purposes or items that are about to be discontinued, which might be very useful for some of DGWW’s smaller projects.

In addition to the predictable woodworking-related sponsors, we’ll also need relationships with organizations that provide legal, accounting, and insurance services.

Here’s a list of organizations we are likely to approach as potential sponsors, based on our knowledge of organizations in central Pennsylvania and with national footprints.

Tool and Lumber Suppliers:




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